J. JS Lee Spring/Summer 2016

The BFC’s first show for London Fashion Week’s 62nd outing was at its new space: the Brewer Street Car Park. The new venue mixes the industrial with the sleek and offers a space that is enough of a blank canvas for the work of British designers (old and new) to shine. J. JS Lee, the South-Korean wunderkind, was the opener for this year’s proceedings. Lee seemed like the perfect choice to kick Spring/Summer 2016 off. The collection was organized to perfection: methodical and measured, but whimsical throughout. Lee wanted to ‘celebrate freedom’ with her new collection, all the while embracing her new ‘carefree attitude’ to fashion.

The overall motif of the ‘open birdcage’ ran through the whole collection (in itself more substantial than most). Relaxed ‘Californian silhouettes’ comprising loose silk blouses and billowing maxi dresses, coloured with hot pinks and pastel blues, were held up with delicate spaghetti straps.

Like the BFC’s new space, Lee’s collection mixed the playful and the professional. The tailored elements of the collection were given twists throughout. With blazers and ‘bell bottomed wide trousers’, these sleeker looks were made laid back by using ‘70s youth culture’ Chambray denim. Drapey tunics with ornate bird-like applique and candy-cane striped shirt-dresses were made tougher with chunkier sling-backs and mules through collaborating with J. JS Lee and SALONDEJU.

It was the exuberance at the heart of freedom that Lee seems interested in- and it certainly shows. This collection may have been simple, airy and light as it charts the ‘bird’s flight into freedom’, but it was certainly luxurious, artful and (crucially) wearable. 

Review: Shrai Popat for #STYLEFAN

J.JS Lee Spring/Summer 2016 Looks:

Review: Shrai Popat for #STYLEFAN