YMC Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear

The You Must Create label, founded two decades ago by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, has since been at the forefront of modern, functional fashion. While it is almost impossible to claim originality today, there are few like YMC that seem to be able to anticipate the look of tomorrow. YMC’s Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection follows firmly in their eclectic yet loosely coherent aesthetic.  The music, provided by head of design Fraser Moss, seemed to reflect this year’s collection well - a little chaotic, yet still able to draw on meaning and substance.

Holborn’s historic Old Sorting Office warehouse space was the perfect setting. The spacious room and focussed lighting put greater emphasis on the walkway, while strange jazz-infused melodies signalled the beginning of the show. From the outset, it was clear YMC had progressed onto something quite different from their previous Spring/Summer collection. Smart chino attire and soft colour schemes were replaced with stronger greens and blues. Overall the collection’s ambience felt a lot more pastoral, and more organically in touch with the seasons.

Looks 1 and 2 featured soften silhouettes created by the rounded tilted adaptations of the beanie,  while looks 3-10 really epitomised the collection, with its compilations of stylised bowler hats, chestnut brogues and soft-tailored jackets. The first standout look was number 12, with the sky-blue boiler suit complemented by a brilliant model casting; the additional patterned headband and hat really brought this look together. Look 17 was another highlight, for its overtly shiny rain mac piece - one of the more daring items in this collection that contrasted well with the drier textures.

In accordance with Moss’s aims for this year’s edition, efforts for a more coherent collection were achieved, aided by the consistent trouser and jacket tailoring, though distinctive differences between looks remained. Music transitions programmed the show really well, the soundtrack seemingly reflecting the confident, yet casual feel of YMC’s cool and highly accessible Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection.

Review: Vincent Morris for #STYLEFAN

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YMC Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Looks:

Review: Vincent Morris for #STYLEFAN
Runway Photography: Christopher Dadey (Courtesy of YMC)