Richard James Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear

Jungle drums, cackling parrots and the swish of exotic fauna- these are the rumours which had us embarked on the fantasy of Richard James’ “Green Trauma”. In a sentiment of anticipation and excitement, the show guests took their places to discover the adventure James conceived for this season. His creative process was engulfed in the mirage of the Las Pozas jungle, a wild terrain dotted with surreal architectures dreamt up by the poet Edward James. In an attempt to capture the essence of the artists’ so-called “Surrealist Xanadu”, Richard James paired natural prints and florals with the urban silhouettes of Savile Row’s finest tailoring. Just like Edward James aspired to escape the rigid affluence of Britain’s elite, Richard James in return brought mysterious novelty back to London’s monotony.

The venue of the show, lit up with neon lights in greens and blues, exactly pre-empted the brilliant coloured collection. Whilst green remained the prevalent tone, radiant introductions of petrols, oranges, turquoises and blood reds dotted the line-up in a perfectly engineered sequence. The colour palette was but only enhanced by the choice of materials, which, with their iridescent quality, highlighted the complexity behind a supposed single shade. A turquoise jacket shifted into life with the model’s walk, with undertones of purple flashing out from underneath. These, coupled with fanciful prints of camouflage and bamboos, built a portrait of blissful exoticism.

With integral looks of printed head-to-toe suits to less extravagant sets, Richard James proved to know how to balance his collections in order to appeal to a larger spectrum of clients. Indeed, tamer pastels coupled with loose yet well fit white linen trousers made the perfect outfit for a summer soirée, perhaps to be worn by a more classic man. Neon shorts coupled with imprinted shirts and bomber jackets however gave a more youthful feel, appealing to a more daring individual. Richard James delivered a touch of spirit and folly, which he made available to the everyday dandy. He can take us on an Amazonian adventure again any time soon.

Review: Claire Lexa for #STYLEFAN

Have you been backstage? Have a look at what we captured backstage at the Richard James Spring/Summer 2016 show here.  

Richard James Spring/Summer 2016 Looks:

Review: Claire Lexa for #STYLEFAN
Runway Videography: Courtesy of the British Fashion Council
Runway Photography: Courtesy of Purple PR