Matthew Miller Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear

Matthew Miller is a designer that loves a good theme. Regularly inspired by single words and their semantic significance over the way we dress. This season, Miller worked on the ideas of ‘Conform/Control/Constrict’. Miller seemed to be inspired by the way our clothing can become our daily uniform that reflects the unflinching clutch society has over our intrinsic freedom, and how even with such conformity, there is still the possibility to break away.

This latest collection made use of a myriad of block colours: from pastels and peaches, to navies and beiges and put to use in suits, blazers and Miller’s ‘distorted’ concepts of traditional business attire. Unlike previous seasons, Miller has sought to display his talents for traditional tailoring, but with a signature Miller twist. Deviant styles that fail to ‘conform’ within the collection crop up sporadically as Savages’ ‘F**ckers’ blared through the show and reminded us that society can’t take away each of our specific brand of originality. Harsh leather biker jackets, crinkled and cotton blazers and tunics, along with block Robert Clergerie shoes all worked in harmony to show the power of dissent, even within a fashion collection.

           Miller has kept some of his trademark silhouettes, boxy navy tops, and finely shaped crisp white shirts (marked with the ‘system’s’ red tape) made an appearance and all worked to clash with the neutral palette of the tailoring. Miller has really explored how the fashion world can so easily be affected by the bureaucracy of contemporary life. His use of block navies and pastels swamping whole outfits was a nod to the mindless uniformity that can ensnare us and our creativity, and subsequently not leave room for those necessary bursts of deviance (like creased linen tops and shorts) to make sure those ‘f**ckers don’t bring you down’.

Review: Shrai Popat for #STYLEFAN

Matthew Miller Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear Looks:

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Review: Shrai Popat for #STYLEFAN
Runway Photography: Courtesy of We Are Village
Details Photography: Shu-Wei Huang for #STYLEFAN