James Long Spring/Summer 2016 Menswear

Inspired by all night parties in Brighton, James Long's Spring/Summer 2016 collection combined whimsical romanticism with psychedelic exuberance. This seasons clothing was underpinned by an impression of a distinct lack of self consciousness- a rarity in fashion: "I was looking at people who are so natural in their clothing, they think they're blending in, but they're totally not".

Putting his money to where his mouth is, Long's collection does anything but fit in, and placed clashing at is forefront. Paisley prints covered loose fitting cotton trousers and ruffled shirts, contrasting with colourful geometric prints on knitted jumpers and t-shirts. Similarly mismatching was the repeated neon detail such as green and pink tassels, and scribble writing prints across black and grey t-shirts, hinting the club scene from which they took inspiration. The chaos of the clashing colours and shapes fed itself into asymmetrical forms such as long shirts and cardigans draped off one shoulder. Even the plainer outfits resisted a uniform silhouette, as a simple grey jumper with detailed sleeves and lift tie-yes jeans was broken up by a leather jacket ties around the waist.

Denim featured heavily again, but where last season emphasised it's tough texture and heaviness, this time saw it come back in lighter hues, with patchy colourful tie-dye in long jeans and cropped shorts. The result was a playful casual element that bordered frivolous. Other outfits incorporated more formal elements and mixed them with the informal, such as the shows first look which paired a black jacquard waistcoat with clashing geometrical and paisley prints hat covered the sleeve of an underlying hoody. All this remained a subtler part of a wider show of athleticism that could be seen in track pants and short shorts.

With the romantic paisley prints, gathered backs, ribbons and ruffles against the neon colours and bold linear patterns, long managed to capture and unite both rave and laid back Bohemianism for which Brighton is renowned. The contrasts-whilst occasionally precarious- gave a sense of energy and option that remained constant as chaos became the shows ordering principal.

Review: Nina Markovic-Obiago for #STYLEFAN

James Long Spring/Summer 2016 Looks:

Review: Nina Markovic-Obiago for #STYLEFAN
Runway Videography: Courtesy of the British Fashion Council
Runway Photography: Courtesy of Concrete Projects