Matthew Miller Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 - London Collections: Men

For Spring/Summer 2015, Matthew Miller’s collection was certainly inspired. The designer explored the returning soldier, fresh from war, and still stuck with their uniformity and stoicism (some of the traits that make the terrain of war so bearable). But Miller (as always) explores the unusual. What happens when that uniformity, that skilled strength, rigidity and routine of war meets the somewhat chaotic but ultimately peaceful terrain of everyday society? Here we have the interesting contrast Miller creates.

The base of the collection was inspired by the ‘demob’ suits that demobilized soldiers (that had left the war) wore as they re-entered civilian life. Miller has retained the ‘one size fits all’ motto of the ‘demob’ suits, but also added a nondescript colour palette of greys and navies that complement wide leg trousers and double-breasted jackets. The pin-stripe camouflage and oversized Velcro gosrain straps (printed with words such as ‘Anti’, ‘Social’, ‘War’ and ‘You’) add a reminder of the imminent descent to chaos.

The suits were accessorised with pads of grey mesh and silk grosgrain and models were donned with floral garlands (to emphasise the re-emersion into a peaceful society). The collaboration with G-Shock and Diemme footwear manages to retain the industrial strength of war that permeates a modern life - even after the storm has passed. 

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Matthew Miller Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Looks:

Matthew Miller Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Backstage:

Matthew Miller Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Illustration:


Runway Photography: Courtesy of We Are Village
Backstage Photography: Thang LV
Illustration: Scott W. Mason