Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 - Paris Fashion Week

Kris Van Assche’s job, as creative director of Dior Homme, entitles him not only to seasonally bring out brilliantly inspired collections, but furthermore rests on him the responsibility of 68 years of tradition, style and craft. Being the head of an internationally applauded fashion house, Van Assche must bring it forward ingenuously, embracing modern trends whilst never losing touch with its timeless heritage and class.

For Spring/Summer 2015, the designer opened the floor with a rich blue suit, full of dramatic presence and suave allure. Immediately contrasted with what could be called a more playful, younger version of a tuxedo, Van Assche began a game of alternation between a business man’s city uniform and bohemian wear. Whether it was an intellectual brooder walking down the catwalk, or a corporate financier, one could not say, factually speaking for Van Assche’s talent in blending his multiple inspirations into one, and appropriating them as his own novelty.

Fascinated with Monsieur Dior’s letter in the archives about maintaining tradition, Van Assche imprinted the founder’s very own words across shirts, jackets and pants, as if drawing phrases of the past to be worn by the Dior man today. Almost like an uncanny obsession, the scribbled white or black handwriting contrasted with the underlying fabric that echoed the influential taste and values of Christian Dior.

Maritime elements made their way into the collection, with the inventive placement of a wooden toggle on a smart suit. Van Assche brought reminiscent memories of the seaside into a businessman’s wardrobe, paired with elements of fantasy and reality to create a personal space, full of intimate reminders.  Knitted striped sweaters complemented crisp white shirts, and the sophisticated, mature man brought out the colours of Christian Dior's youth, with vivid doodles appearing on a collar, and gradually making its way across the entire suit. Once more Kris Van Assche has brought alive the words of Christian Dior, and carried reverie into the realm of our daily routine. 

Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Looks:

Photography: Courtesy of Dior Homme