Casely-Hayford Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 - London Collections: Men

Casely-Hayford has struck again. When the duo presented their first London Collection: Mens show in London’s Old Sorting Office last season, they brought their brand another step forward in rethinking the modern man’s dress code, and once again for Spring/Summer 2015, they reminded us of their inherent skill for morphing the sartorial with the practical, and the traditional with the revolutionary. 

What Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford have understood is that redefining men’s work-wear will not successfully be done through radical innovation, but rather through a creative, intelligent assimilation of years of tradition with avant-gardist vision and technologies of today. Inspired by the movement 'Art Intervention', the duo created a new meaning for something that already exists. Through a subtle juxtaposition of graphic modernity, fused with English craftsmanship and youth culture, the designers sketched out their own cotemporary Briton. This season, the Casely-Hayford man expressed a newfound organic tendency, striving to steer away from the perception that the handmade or organic is intrinsically linked to drab nostalgia. Indeed, how else to move forward than to embrace British heritage? The designers certainly had an eye for spotting the value in the British tailoring savoir-faire, and reached out to various collaborators to create the brand’s first caps, earrings and sunglasses. 

By drawing on the silhouettes of iconic 1990s musicians, such as Jimmy Nail, they rejuvenated the classic city suit, by integrating striking yet delicate details such as zippers or slightly ill-fitting cuts with elongated shoulders. Elements of sportswear were very much noticeable, yet created in a sophisticated and effortless manner. Linen pinstripes permeated the collection, as well as classic grey suit fabric that seemed to have been broken down and pixelated. 

Keeping a neutral palette, the collection showcased fabrics Casely-Hayford developed for the occasion. Despite being composed of numerous and intertwined layers, the garments remained light. Fabrics resembling winter materials achieved an unforeseen delicateness, allowing a playful game of perceptions and physical sensations. 

We were most of all excited to hear about the brand’s plans for international expansion, which goes hand in hand with their increasingly close work with Japanese manufacturing. Although having a strong British strand in their brand, the designers felt Japan had an outstanding comprehension of how to interpret their vision and master the techniques required. Providing exquisite quality and craftsmanship, this strategic move will allow Casely-Hayford to reach a larger audience, who, without a doubt, will adhere to their British take on work-wear, casual wear, or simply, life wear.

Casely-Hayford Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Looks:

Casely-Hayford Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Backstage:

Casely-Hayford Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Illustration:

Runway Photography: Courtesy of Purple PR
Backstage Photography: Nicole Gomes
Fashion Illustration: Scott W Mason