Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014

Black bathed the entirety of the newest Louis Vuitton collection. The atmosphere was dark and ominous until the first model walked out onto the maze that was the runway. The runway was an obstacle course, starting with the models appearing out of an old elevator. They had to parade around a carousel, maneuver through a fountain and finally walk up an escalator. Although the odyssey was an arduous one, each model did it with the utmost portrayal of true showmanship. The theme of black was carried throughout the show; black fishnets adorned with sparkles were one of the main attractions.

The models were decorated in crystals and wreathed in feathers. Black ostrich feathers perched on the heads of every model, sporting headpieces designed by Stephen Jones. They glistened and glinted in the lights, drawing all the attention upwards. Biker jackets along with mannish blazers and cropped military jackets came down the runway in wondrous excess. The recurring motif of all black was broken by the faded baggy blue jeans, to which black chains and feathers clung. The jeans were covered slightly by sheer tulle dresses inspired by the twenties. Flat ankle boots as opposed to heels accompanied the elaborate outfits. They were simple and practical, and did not take away from the beauty and flamboyance of the show.

Marc Jacobs took inspiration and influence from all the great designers including Coco Chanel, Miucci Prada and Rei Kawakubo. This line was tribute to all of those who have made an impact on his breathtakingly marvelous career. Although the overall motive of the collection was black, it had a playful and lavish feel. On the pamphlets Marc Jacobs had written: 'for the showgirls in all of us', and that was embodied in the line. This show was the final show for Louis Vuitton after sixteen years with Marc as captain. However it was not a tearful, mournful event. The indulgence of sparking feathers and meretriciousness brought the spirit up immensely.    

Photos: www.style.com