Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2014

Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was the embodiment of a flower. One could tell, like Gaudí the architect, he looked at the geometrical shape and creation of a flower for inspiration. He took the organic simple shape and from that created his collection. 

The cuts were feminine and delicate. The translucency of the clothes created a mood that was very sensual and arousing. The female anatomy and the biology of a flower are both linked to sex. As we know sex excited us as carnal human beings/consumers and thus sells. 

The pleated skirts and the satin gowns were pinned back almost explicitly by huge clips. This gave off the impression of dissection and brought that high school textbook feel into the mix. School is when one learns about phenomenon of sex and sexuality. When children are young they begin to see the connection between the flower and the human being. However as we grow we forget that important connection, Christopher Kane's flower diagrams drawn in Swiss lace was there as a reminder. 

The shimmering three-dimensional Swarovski crystals that adorn trims and collars as well as the models are reminiscent of dewdrops glistening. They brought a new sparkle and edge to the line. The crocodile clips played a huge role in this collection. They seemed to hold all the satin, delicate pieces of the dresses together as if bonding them in an electrical physics experiment.

The collection was playful, however, it's also contained an element of darkness. The light pastel tones made up of pale mint, lilac, and soft orange, were juxtaposed by dark shades of black and shining silver. Alongside beautifully constructed dresses were harsh black suits with PVC-edged petal cut-outs revealing the skin. The collection was delicate like the flower, and yet edgy as well. For with the rose comes the thorn. 


Photos: Chris Moore (Courtesy of The Communications Store)