Wunderkind Autumn/Winter 2014

Woolfgang Joop’s reputation as the ‘enfant prodige’ of fashion isn’t redundant. His latest collection for Wunderkind, like his others, doesn’t like rules and shows how seasonal clothing can be truly transitional.

This season had its roots grounded in the surrealist collages of Dali. Patterns collided and created explosions of print and used masses of textures to dispel any of those pesky fashion conventions that you can’t put too much into one outfit.  With furs, jacquard, suede all being pieced together in certain pieces, this was a collection to wrap your head around.

Darker hues formed the bedrock of the collection with a floral embellishments running throughout. Joop’s mantra for Wunderkind is to reject the tired norms of fashion, and seeks to explore the dualities and contradictions inherent in every woman. Like previous collections, this one was approached with a view to refresh the style rules contemporary women feel they ought to follow.  What this latest collection showed was the cross over that is inherent in seasonal clothing: with yellows, bright greens and pastel shades sprucing up the pin stripe blue suits, and black suede shift dresses.  

This collection combined masculine cuts, with feminine drapery. Brightly coloured cargo shorts were paired with fringed scarves and fur-trimmed capes. It is this hybrid that shows strength and practicality, but also a sumptuous extravagance for the winter seasons. The homage to the Dada movement and a penchant for ‘disobedience and daring’ meant that Joop was able to alter the rhythm of seasons and created a collection that indulged in the glamour of winter dressing, but frolicked with the notion of the following spring. 

Wunderkind Autumn/Winter 2014 Looks:

Wunderkind Autumn/Winter 2014 Backstage:

Runway Photography: Courtesy of IC Insight Communications
Backstage Photography: Tom Selmon