Véronique Leroy Autumn/Winter 2014

At first glance, one might assume that Veronique Leroy’s latest collection is something rather ‘expected’ with nothing new to report. However, a closer look showed that this collection was indeed something to report on.

This seemingly conventional with a cold season palette of whites, blacks and greys we were struck by the accents of azure and coral. To assume that this collection was merely colourful knitwear would be a mistake. In her designer notes, Leroy noted that these knits were ‘elaborated fabric’ that incorporated shimmering jacquard on jackets and lengthy shift dresses in classic tweeds.  The touches of colour were examples of how Leroy showcased her understanding for her industry. As an old hand, Leroy has shown us that a winter collection merely needs some subtle finishes to transform once tired-trends. 

The contrast between geometric motifs, metallic sculptural belts and the light and flouncy blouses showed how the femininity of winter pastels live harmoniously alongside the strength and armour-esque metal belts. Leroy showed us the portrait of a woman who isn’t afraid to tackle a winter collection that is both functional, but most importantly inventive. This collection didn’t start with a bang, but showed us the importance of gradual accents: with perforated gabardine and black leopard printed wool taking this constructed outfits and transforming them. 

Photography: Courtesy of Véronique Leroy