Masha Ma Autumn/Winter 2014

London based designer, Masha Ma, took a slightly different approach this season. Stepping outside her comfort zone she challenged herself by developing a collection which paid particular attention to the modern asymmetric silhouette, texture and the fluidity of fabrics.

Ma drew inspiration from the Epiphyllum - a flower that only blooms at midnight. "The idea was that many women don't shout for attention - you bloom and celebrate your inner strength as a modern woman without the acknowledgment of others," said Ma backstage. Each of the girls were muted with embroidered floral lace strapped on her mouth - the same lace adorned the girls' bodices and lower half with fringing elements which would float around the girls as they sped the runway in kaleidoscopic textures of woven fabric and knitwear.

Each look captivated the flower motif with poise and splendour. On top of a subdued colour palette of nautical blues, white, grey and black Ma's garments showcased skilful craftsmanship through her use of jacquard, patchwork and appliqué techniques but it was brought to the street via amplified layering, appliquéd baseball caps and white chunky heels to define modern elegance. Sponsored by the Swarovski collective, Ma embellished her garments with dark midnight crystals to subtly light up her girls in bloom at the dead of the night.

All the girls lined up at the end of the show before removing their masks one by one - signalling that they are finally acknowledged and accepted. After all, Ma's girls can't be silent forever - the clothes were enough to speak for their inner strength and enduring voice: a voice that must be heard. 

Photography: Courtesy of RMO