Maiyet Autumn/Winter 2014

Maiyet's Kristy Caylor showcased another collection in Paris that reminded us of the incredible work they continue to do with niche artisans across the world. This latest collection showcased the talents of traditional silk- weavers, native to Varanasi, India. This winter they have mixed Indian craftsmanship with their contemporary flair, to create an ethical collection that was sleek, functional, and brimming with texture. 

Whilst silk was a noticeable staple throughout the collection it seemed that their luxurious collection mixed traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design from around the globe, with African tribal motifs being created from custom jacquards and block prints from India and Italy. There was almost a collision of texture and technique throughout the collection, with dense fabrics being mixed with tulle, and light linens being lathered in velvet. It was truly a melting pot of culture as well as design, with Peruvian geometric patterns that appeared on various dresses being styled with hand crafted Indonesian jewelry.  

In the show notes, the designer noted that this collection’s impetus was the artist Frieda Kahlo, and the mixture of ‘strength and vulnerability’ she displayed in her artistry was emulated in the collection. Even the lines of gender were blurred, and whilst a strong women’s collection, their were severe masculine influences, from wide lapelled blazers and coats, to ‘men’s collar necklaces’. This mix was heightened through their detailing. Through the use of sumptuous and stronger winter colours: glossy blacks, deep cherry reds, and olives, were embellished with flashes of yellow, orange and sea greens and dainty pearl embroideries and lace, and the fusion was complete. 

Runway Photography: Courtesy of KCD
Runway Details Photography: Beccy Nuthall