Felder Felder Autumn/Winter 2014

For fall, Felder Felder looks at the deeper mystery within nature. The collection made a statement on textures and fabrics and left silhouettes as a second thought. One-shoulder looks and the waist insert cut outs were a reoccurring theme throughout the collection with lean silhouettes juxtaposed by rebellious textures for wild effect. 

The palette was filled with bold colours and earth hues made up of nudes, greens and pinks. Quilted skirts with sheer delicate mesh panelling were paired with watercolour printed silken tops - later replaced by mohair bra crop tops further along in the show. Mohair woollen coats were woven with gold metallic threads and thus made the understated and muted watercolours prominent. Then came the golden dress that was made completely out of what looked to be human hair and feathers. It was a simple design with a strapless halter-top and a clinging fitted skirt, yet the way it moved and the way the feathers swayed was so naturally stunning that it took the attention of many. All in all, a creative, nature inspired collection.

Felder Felder AW14 - Illustration by Scott W Mason.jpg

Photographer: Christopher Dadey (Courtesy of Felder Felder)
Fashion Illustration: Scott W. Mason