Altuzarra Autumn/Winter 2014 - New York Fashion Week

Altuzarra’s collection for fall was a combination of wondrous color and tapestry-like woven dresses. Joseph Altuzarra said his collection 'was really about joyous, happy color' and this is very apparent in the hot pink and orange lining on the sporty jackets and wraparound cobalt blue coats.

Orange and pink played a massive part in this collection, color graphed in a plaid pattern on shorthaired fur coats. Grey suits had hints of these neon colors peeping out of the lining or on full display as piping. The piece that our caught the eyes and mind was the two-toned navy and cobalt wraparound coat. The navy surrounded the body, and the cobalt was only seen as the tie around the models waist flapped in the wind.

Thick woven skirt and dresses brought a Polynesian feel to the fall collection. They were reminiscent of hand woven tapestries that fringed at the hem and swung gracefully as the models made their way down the catwalk.

The cashmere coats in navy, cobalt, khaki and fuchsia rivaled the slinky silk dresses that had slits up to the waist revealing the leg and more colorful lining.

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux helped Joseph Altuzarra toy with the idea of color as well. The face had hardly any signs of makeup yet around the eyes there was a moss green glitter that grabbed the attention of all watching.  Color was the over all theme behind the Altuzarra collection. The clothes were timeless and simple; they exuded great style and class. 

Photography: Courtesy of Altuzarra