A Must-Have Item: Black Oxford Shoes

When I was young, I never found a pair of black oxford shoes attractive - I used to consider them boring and old fashioned. I was doubtful on the elegance of black shoes until I purchased this.


This is my black austerity balmoral in Classic Last by Saint Cripins, which has served me well until today. The pair is hand welted, the best method to construct gentleman’s shoes because it allows the sole to be sewed into the upper part of the shoe; the product is light because no filling is needed between the sole and the welt.


Saint Cripins’ products are always finished with a luxurious sole treatment. A mildly curved and pegged waist provides better support for the arch of your feet, and the channeled sole adds to the simplicity of the shoe. All purchases come with a pair of hollowed shoetrees - they help keep the shoe in perfect shape.


The above is my second pair, a bespoke lazy-man oxford from G.J.Cleverley, one of the best shoemakers in England. It features custom brogueing and a chiselled toe. Although it comes with a heavy price tag, I consider this pair the most elegant out of my collection.

Black shoes are considered to be the only proper colour for formal events and city usage. It is not surprising that most Goodyear welted shoe brands offer a comprehensive range of black shoes. They exist because these classics will stand the test of time, as my own purchases have proved.